Edible Favors

The season of eating has arrived! With Thanksgiving only a week away and lots of holiday parties around the corner, we are thinking about food. One popular type of wedding favor is an edible one. Your guests leave with a tasty treat and you get an opportunity to share your favorites with them whether it is the popcorn you and your fiancé eat during movie nights or cookies from your favorite local bakery.

We love the idea of a beautiful truffle inside a pretty box. You can go to your favorite local chocolatier, order online or make your own!
These are homemade truffles inside a DIY box make from an egg carton and pretty paper and ribbon.
DIY Truffles
These ideas are both from Martha Stewart Weddings and are so pretty whether you are going for more of a personalized feel with the handwritten note or for a more fairytale look with the intricate logo and soft colored ribbon on the box.
Although we’ve already gone a bit overboard with the sweets, here are a few other fun edible favor ideas.
Hot chocolate on a spoon
hot chocolate on spoon
A mason jar fill with hot chocolate ingredients
hot chocolate in mason jar
Fortune cookies customizable in your wedding colors and with a customizable fortune
There is no end to the different edible favor ideas. Let us know what edible favors you have loved.

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Rose Gold Ideas for Winter Weddings

We love metallics for the holidays and one of our favorites this year has been rose gold. It is so feminine and festive. It looks beautiful with cream or white flowers and there are so many ways you could go with it.

These would be great for a glamorous wedding.

Rose gold sequined table runner.


Rose gold sequined dresses for your bridesmaids.

Rose Gold Sequined Dress

If you were going a bit more rustic glam you could go with these rose gold mason jars filled with beautiful pink and white flowers.

Rose Gold Painted Mason Jars

Rose Gold Painted Mason Jars

If you wanted a fun, DIY feel to your wedding these rose gold tassels would bring some sparkly fun to your decor and look great with the Love sign.



If you are still looking for a beautiful signature drink for your wedding to go with your rose gold theme here are 15 ideas for gold cocktails, all beautiful and all making me wish it was time for happy hour!


And of course, you can’t forget all of the gorgeous rose gold jewelry that would be great for your bridesmaid gifts. How about this delicate rose gold initial necklace?


Or these rose gold stacking rings?


We hope these help you with your wedding planning and would love to know how you plan to use rose gold in your wedding!

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Great Ideas for Your Holiday Wedding!

Planning a holiday wedding? How about creating a unique centerpiece using water activated floating candles? Use them with natural elements, such as branches in water to make a very simple and elegant look. Or, fill a crystal bowl with red and white pearls or holiday ornaments to bring in a more colorful festive centerpiece.  Or, just go with the simple elegance of a candle floating in a crystal bowl with white roses. You can use floating candles in all types of containers and with all types of embellishments.



Ornaments do double duty

Use LED lighted ornaments on a tree centerpiece or place them at each place setting as a lovely wedding favor. Or, hang customized ornaments on a white tree and have wedding guests take them when they leave the wedding. And for a gift that keeps on giving, hang a seeded ornament, such as a snowflake or dove on a tree at the gift table or place in a lovely package at each guest’s seat at the reception.

11869_snowflake_animated_comp_300v1 (1)45974d1b79199a4c8b50c833584acaed


Personalized ornaments make wonderful wedding keepsakes.

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Blooming wedding favors

Wildflowers, succulents, cacti, oh my! There is no doubt that “green” is popular in wedding trends these days. From floral-designed invitations to save-the-dates that grow (literally)- promoting eco-friendliness is built into many weddings in some form or fashion.

One of Nuptial’s favorite green favors is the art of seeded paper. This thick material makes for great invitations, save-the-dates and custom wedding favors. Couples can have their names, wedding date, and anything else they desire printed on the paper. Once they send them out, their guests can plant the paper to grow your favorite flowers or herbs!


Add some green flare to your invitations or save-the-dates with a cut-out heart imbedded with seeds that your guests can plant. (photo: Favor Warehouse)

Seeded paper invitations are a perfect way to match an outdoor wedding theme. (photo: Megan Ortwein)

Seeded paper invitations are a perfect way to match an outdoor wedding theme. (photo: Nuptial Necessities)

Here's a close up of the seeds.

Here’s a close up of the seeds. (photo: Gracious Rain)


Make your save-the-date solely out of seeded paper and once you’re guests mark your big day in their calendars, encourage them to plant it! (photo: DIY Network)


Here’s a unique way to be eco-friendly and creative with your save-the-dates! (photo: Buzzfeed)

To go along with our previous post about sensational send-offs, Nuptial has a green option for that aspect of your wedding, as well! Seeded confetti are shreds of colored seeded paper that don’t require clean up after sending off the happy couples! Plant them and they will grow amazing memories (and flowers)!

Here are some butterfly-shaped seeded confetti pieces that are fun and beneficial for the environment! (photo: Daisy Giggles)

Here are some butterfly-shaped seeded confetti pieces that are fun and beneficial for the environment! (photo: Daisy Giggles)

Another green favor that is popular as well as seeded paper is the seed bomb! This festive favor is essentially made from a mix of annuals and perennials and recycled paper. They come in an organic cotton bag that is customized with your names, monogram, logo or just a special message. Throw them anywhere you want to see flowers grow!

Blue, yellow, pink; bluebonnets, daisies, roses- take your pick! This is a perfect gift to send your guests off with in remembrance of a fun wedding day! (photo: Nuptial Necessities)

Lastly is a gift that no one can have TOO many of: the reusable bag. Customize with the color, size, logo, and material of your choice. Materials include burlap, recycled material and bamboo. Guests can take their programs, pictures, and other little goodies with them in an easy-to-carry favor they can use for years to come.

Let Nuptial customize your give-a-way bags with your wedding date or initials. Every time your guests grocery shop, they will think about your special day! (photo: Etsy)

Let Nuptial customize your give-a-way bags with your wedding date or initials. Every time your guests grocery shop, they will think about your special day! (photo: Etsy)

The possibilities for green wedding favors are endless. These are just a few of the trendy options you can use for your big day. For other ideas, visit Nuptial Necessities website or check out our Pinterest for even more ideas and DIY projects. Happy planning!

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11 Sensational Send-offs

You are planning your wedding. Down to the last detail (and there are many details to remember). Not only do you have the cake, venue, dress, invitations, seating arrangements, and a multitude of other primary aspects to organize; there are smaller & less obvious details that some brides may tend to forget about in all of the wedding clutter. A big idea some brides can tend to forget is the last glimpse the guests have of the bride and groom on their big day: the send-off. Ultimately the send-off is when the bride and groom exit the reception surrounded by all of their guests and loved ones. Historically, tossing rice was the first form of send-off that originated from the ancient world. Today, everyone, even young children, can gleefully participate in the post-ceremony practice that symbolizes the showering of abundance and fertility on the bride and groom.  In France people throw wheat, a symbol of bounty, after the ceremony. Italians rain candy and sugared nuts over couples, for sweetness in marriage. (The Timeless Traditions: Throwing Rice)

Any couple can pull of a spectacular and memorable send-off. They key is having interactive elements for your guests. The Knot & Brit+Co had some great ideas for how to wow your guests with your big “good-bye.”

1. Confetti

One way to exit your wedding or reception is through a colorful plethora of papery goodness; a.k.a confetti. Confetti is cheap and always a crowd pleaser. There are even green options for the environmentally friendly couples.

This little contraption makes it easy to distribute and use when it’s time to pop the bride and groom with some color!

This little contraption makes it easy to distribute and use when it’s time to pop the bride and groom with some color! (photo: Brit+Co)

These confetti hearts are made with love AND seeds! They are seeded & biodegradable and make for a fun wedding favor

These confetti hearts are made with love AND seeds! They are seeded & biodegradable and make for a fun wedding favor  (photo: Brit+Co)

(photo: Brit+Co)

2. Noisemakers (tambourines, maracas, and cowbells)

If you’re the type of bride who wants to exit her wedding with a bang, noisemakers might just be the perfect thing for you. Make your last appearance one that your guests will never forget with an ongoing party even after your departure. Nuptial Necessities  just so happens to specialize in this form of send off! We love designing beautiful and fun noisemakers for all occasions!

Add your monogram or any wedding design to match your theme! (photo: Nuptial Necessities)

Add your monogram or any wedding design to match your theme! (photo: Nuptial Necessities)

(Photo: Green Wedding Shoes)

Blue? Red? Flower design? Monogram? Nuptial can do it all! (photo: Green Wedding Shoes)

(photo: Megan Ortwein)

Pick any size & color! Nuptial Necessities has lots to choose from. (photo: Megan Ortwein)

3. Flower petals

To add a soft and romantic appeal to your big day, flower petals are the perfect touch. Let your guests grab a custom baggie of flower petals to toss in the air as you make your final appearance as man and wife. This shower of dainty petals will provide for happy, sappy pictures!

(photo: Brit+Co)

4. Bubbles

What better way to create a dreamy, fairytale wedding send-off than with bubbles? Give your guests custom bubble containers that they can take with them to think back on such a magical occasion!

Did we mention bubbles look great in pictures?

Did we mention bubbles look great in pictures? (phot0:Brit+Co)

5. Streamers

YAY for rolls and rolls of colorful paper that can be playfully tossed around. Cheap, easy to grab and throw (and clean up), and youthful as can be!

(photo: Brit+Co)

(photo: Brit+Co)

6. Balloons 

With an abundance of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, balloons can make for the perfect send-off with the classic celebratory feel. Custom heart-shaped balloons with your wedding hashtag or a sweet message makes for a great favor as well!

Imagine your monogram, wedding hashtag or logo printed on balloons that match with your theme!

Imagine your monogram, wedding hashtag or logo printed on balloons that match with your theme! (photo: Brit+Co)

7. Glow Sticks 

Not only for black-light raves! For nighttime reception, a bit of vibrancy is the perfect way to leave a great party! You will leave your guests wanting more and remembering a lively and spunky occasion for years to come.

(photo: Brit+Co)

8. Beach balls

For the fabulous beach weddings out there- this one’s for you. Beach balls come in virtually any size, so it allows for those seaside couples to stick to their theme while giving their guests a chance to be a part of the wedding fun!

Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!

Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head!(photo:Brit+Co)

9. Oatmeal (yes, I said oatmeal)

Here’s an alternative to the traditional rice toss. According to Brit+Co, tossing oatmeal is another environmentally-friendly option that are perfect for fun phrases like “oat to joy!”

These little baggies are a perfect way to brand your wedding using your own flare!

These little baggies are a perfect way to brand your wedding using your own flare! (photo: Brit+Co)

10. Leaves

This one is especially for those couples with fall weddings that want to tie in a seasonal flare to their send-off. Get a few of your bridesmaids to gather some pretty orange and red leaves, stuff them in bags, and place them on an antique rack for guests to grab. This makes for the perfect autumn wedding pictures and the best part- no clean up afterwards!

(photo: Brit+Co)

11. Sparklers

Last, and certainly not least are the glamorous sparklers. This is a send-off for all seasons and always a great element for magical pictures. Attach unique custom tags to show your guests how to use them, then let the show begin!

(photo: Brit+Co)

Let Nuptial Necessities help customize all of your send-off needs from printed baggies for confetti to beach balls with your names on them- we can do it all! In all of your planning don’t forget to include the perfect send-off to give you and your guests a memorable last celebration! No matter the season, theme, or couple, there is a send-off style for you.

Contact us and let us help you make your big day magical!

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Invitation Etiquette-the more complicated questions

When working on your wedding invitations some pretty common questions will come up, simple things like “when should we send these out?” or “does great Aunt Maggie need an invitation considering she’s 102, I haven’t seen her since I was 4 and she lives in the backwoods of Alaska?”. Most of these questions can be resolved by a simple Google search or a quick call to an informed relative.

Gradma's future so bright, she's gotta wear shades

Ends up Aunt Maggie would love to come but she has that bear hunting trip that weekend. (via BBC news)

1. How to tell your guests that their kids aren’t invited

I’ve written about kids and weddings before and it is one of the most common questions I get while designing invitations; How can I (nicely) ask my guests not to bring their kids? Now, most people don’t mind children at the ceremony, especially if it’s in a church or even at a separate location than the reception, since many people have children in the wedding. However, for those of you who would like a child free environment, there are some simple ways to communicate that. Generally on the invitation, the last line is in reference to the reception (Reception to follow at 6 pm  at the Hilton Garden Ballroom, Reception to immediately follow in Rose Hall, etc) so you can simply  put the word “Adult” in front of reception and problem solved ( Adult reception to follow….). Or if you are having a details card you can put “Adults only please” or, even more gingerly, “Because of limited space, we request no children”. Inevitably there are people that are going to think “Psh, she knows I have a 3 month old so I’m sure it’ll be fine if I bring the kid to the wedding, we are 3rd cousins once removed after all.” The next step is to thoroughly read the response cards, if you send the invite to a couple and they include 3 people on the “number attending” line with no indication of who this third “mystery person” is, it’s time to pick up the phone and ask. If they imply that the third person is their child, respectably inform them that the party is adults only. Some people might be offended but what is MORE offensive is that those people explicitly ignored your polite request on the invitation. There is also the issue of whether or not a 16 year old is a child or not, that will have to be considered on a case by case basis of course, and it is totally your call.  BUT I would say in 99% of cases, parents are totally stoked about having a night off from their kids where instead of being wrist deep poopy diapers and spittle all they have to worry about is whether or not they can still do the worm or if the wine will run out before the party does.

Yep, he's still got it  (vi onewed)

Yep, he’s still got it
(via onewed)

2. How to limit the number of guests YOUR guests are bringing

Weddings cost money, SURPRISE! You’ll figure that tid bit out when you start planning your wedding, the next thing you’ll figure out is that it isn’t just the wedding itself that costs you, its the people. When you begin to do your budget, you’ll start referring your cost as “X amount of dollars a head”, the more heads you have, the more money it’s gonna cost you. SO, what many do in order to not sacrifice their vision, they cut down on the number of guests. Instead of coworkers and 3rd cousins, you generally keep it to 1st relations and good friends. The issue that arises in this instance are the people who want to bring EVERYONE with them. You may invite Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike but they want to bring Mike’s step son, Eddie, from a previous marriage who is living with them and of course he’s gonna want to bring a date so when doing the response card under the “number attending” line they put 4, though they’ve only indicated Carol and Mike on the “names” line.

Oh Eddie, you really never could get your life together...I personally blame the dreads.

Oh Eddie, you really never could get your life together…I personally blame the dreads.

So, you know that there will be some people who are going to try to bring whoever and how many they want, how do you keep it from happening? Start with the outer envelope, “Mr. Mike and Mrs. Carol Whatstheirname”, then the inner envelope is more informal, “Aunt Carol and Uncle Mike”. The INNER envelope is where you would indicate if they can bring others, “Aunt Carol, Uncle Mike, and no-good-kinda-cousin Eddie”. The OUTER envelope is addressed to those who own or are the primary residents of the home, so if you’re also sending the invite to a couple whose children are in college and don’t know their dorm address, then you’d address the OUTER envelope to “Mr & Mrs Jerome White” and then the INNER envelope will read “Uncle Jerome, Aunt Molly, Jenny & Krystal”. SO if you want to be completely clear on who’s invited, the inner envelope would kinda spell it out for them. If you’re really REALLY worried about people inviting more than their share, you can send them the invite with the response card PRE-FILLED, where you go ahead and filled out “2” or “1” or whatever on the “number attending” line before you send it out. The best thing you can do overall is put “Number attending” instead of a basic yes or no on your response card, so if someone does write an unexpected number, you can always pick up the phone and ask.

3. How to get your guest your gift registry information

This is quite the controversial topic in the wedding industry and there is no one right answer so I am going to tell you my personal opinion on the matter. When it comes to your wedding registry, it is up to you and no one else on how you get this information to your guests. Some people say that you should never EVER put your registry information on your invitation because it’s tacky but I completely disagree. In my opinion, the best way to include your registry is by putting a line on a details card that simply says “We are registered at Target and Pottery Barn” or if you want to seem super polite “You presence is all the gift we need but if you feel so inclined, we are registered at…”. Another way is to have a wedding website that has your registry information on it that you can direct your guests too. Many of my clients have a line on the details card that says “For additional information including maps, accommodations and registry, please visit (wedding website)”. The traditional way to get registry information out to your guests was through bridal showers and word of mouth, but if you’re inviting 200+ people to your wedding, that a lot of people to get the word out too. Keep it simple and just put it in the invite, is my opinion.

It also help to take the guess work out of gift-giving. Do you really want 5 toasters because you were afraid to put your registry information out there?

It also helps  take the guess work out of gift-giving. Do you really want  five toasters because you were afraid to put your registry information out there?

4. Going to the web to save money

GET A WEDDING WEBSITE. Seriously, get one. It is the #1 thing I tell my brides in order to save money. Most wedding website are free and easy to use and will also save you a lot of headaches. When it comes to invitations, some people have gone completely online. I would not recommend this, obviously because I would be out of business if I did but also because weddings are special and intimate, emailing an invite seems so informal it’s almost cold. HOWEVER, there are ways you can use the web to your advantage when making your invitations. Every time you add more information to your invite, the more expensive it becomes. Some brides require not just a response card but an accommodations card, reception card, map card, rehearsal dinner card, etc. That’s a lot of printing, and a lot of paper, when you can condense everything onto a simple details card-“Details, for more information including accommodations, maps, and reception information, please visit http://www.weddingwindow.com/jenloveschris”. To save on postage, instead of doing a mailer as your response card, direct your guests to go to the website for response or a designated email address. The controversy with this is that there will be people in your family who don’t use email or still refer to the internet as the “world wide web”.

"Dang ol' talky demon box, I remember in the good ol' days when we'd use a carrier pigeon to RSVP to weddings.

“Dang ol’ talky demon box! I remember in the good ol’ days when we’d use a carrier pigeon to RSVP to weddings.

The truth is, there’s a pretty good chance those individuals who will have a hard time using the website for information, are probably not going to be getting themselves to the wedding anyways. Putting certain information is an antiquated formality on invitations, for example, if you put “Accommodations have been made at the Courtyard Marriott in Georgetown” without the phone number attached, who’s response is going to be “Which Courtyard Marriott? There must be at least 100 in Georgetown, HOW WILL I GET A HOLD OF THIS MYSTERIOUS COURTYARD MARRIOTT!?!” The answer is no one, no one will respond this way, they will Google “Courtyard Marriott Georgetown” and be on their merry way. So, when is comes to the wedding website being added to your invite, no one is going to freak out because they don’t know what to do.

In conclusion…

So to sum it all up, all I can say is that when it comes to etiquette, you need to do what makes sense to YOU. You are not being rude or insincere if you take specific measure to make sure you stay in budget and get what you want for your wedding. If people you see your  modern approach to wedding invitations and have such a negative response to it that they don’t want to come to your wedding  (ya like that’s actually gonna happen), you don’t want them at your wedding anyways.

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So much more than pretty paper

The only thing a bride wants more than her wedding to be beautiful is for it to be unique. When it comes to putting pretty things on paper, we’ve got you covered but what you might not know is there are TONS of other ways to getting the word about your wedding out there. Here at Nuptial Necessities, we’ve compiled a list of fun wedding invitations that will help you think outside the paper box.

4. Wood

This trend has been around for the last couple years but has become less expensive by substituting laser engraving for printing. Perfect for a nature inspired or rustic wedding, these postcards can be completely customized in full color on two sides. The also come in several different colors of wood too. The standard size 4 x6 and can be mailed without an envelope and you can also order smaller sized card to include wedding details or for the RSVP. Cost wise, they’re just about $3 each depending on wood choice.

3. Acrylic

These are sure to make a lasting impression. Classy and creative, acrylic invitations can be engraved or screen printed and are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. I have been questioned before about how fragile these cards are but don’t let their delicate look deceive you, acrylic is strong and can be mailed. They can get expensive (some quotes to nearly 20$ an invitation) but the general pricing from our suppliers were about $8 each.

2. Blackboard Response Card

Image from http://foxflat.wordpress.com and poorly Photoshopped by me but you get the idea

So while researching items to include in this blog, I kinda came up with an idea. So far we’ve talked about a couple ways to make your invitations unique but how about giving your guests a way to be creative too? Through my product search software, I found some mini chalkboards for about 3.00 each (starting at 100 pieces, 1.98 at 200). How cool would it be to include a a chalkboard and a piece of chalk with your invitations and tell your guests to write their response and take a picture at an interesting place or doing something funny then email in the photo as their RSVP. Then you can use the pictures at the wedding to decorate the walls or use them as place cards! If you don’t want to spend on buying and shipping a small chalkboard just ask you guests to do the same thing but with paper.

1. Plastic Cards

Now I know the word “plastic” doesn’t bring up the image of luxury but plastic cards are incredibly unique and can be the less expensive alternative to acrylic. Plastic cards can be done in white, frosted or clear and are also available in full color. I wish I had a product photo but unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to order these!

So it’s a short list but hey don’t we all like things in list form regardless? If you have any questions about the products shown or you have you own unique idea but aren’t sure how to execute it, feel free to call us at (512) 732 220 or email me at hayly@nuptialnecessities.com

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