The Beauty of a Winter Wedding

We love the ethereal beauty of winter weddings. Being in Austin, TX we very rarely get snow but we love seeing the wintery white wedding photos in snow. Even without the beauty of a fresh white snow as your wedding backdrop, there are other things you can do to remind your guests of that feeling. Beautiful lighting, whites or cream colors, intricate beading, they all make us think of a gorgeous winter wedding.

Floating candles and white roses are beautiful together.

roses with floating candles

This beautiful beaded cape would be a nice touch to a classic silk dress.

etsy beaded cape

And for favors you could give treats reminiscent of what you might get at a cozy ski lodge or give out candle holders with snowflakes on them. These could be used on the tables to create great candle lit lighting and then the guests could take them away as a reminder of the great time they had at your wedding.

votive tea light holder

As always, we love to hear how you created your beautiful wedding. And pictures are the best! Now we will just wait and see if we luck out and get some snow in Austin this year…


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