Edible Favors

The season of eating has arrived! With Thanksgiving only a week away and lots of holiday parties around the corner, we are thinking about food. One popular type of wedding favor is an edible one. Your guests leave with a tasty treat and you get an opportunity to share your favorites with them whether it is the popcorn you and your fiancé eat during movie nights or cookies from your favorite local bakery.

We love the idea of a beautiful truffle inside a pretty box. You can go to your favorite local chocolatier, order online or make your own!
These are homemade truffles inside a DIY box make from an egg carton and pretty paper and ribbon.
DIY Truffles
These ideas are both from Martha Stewart Weddings and are so pretty whether you are going for more of a personalized feel with the handwritten note or for a more fairytale look with the intricate logo and soft colored ribbon on the box.
Although we’ve already gone a bit overboard with the sweets, here are a few other fun edible favor ideas.
Hot chocolate on a spoon
hot chocolate on spoon
A mason jar fill with hot chocolate ingredients
hot chocolate in mason jar
Fortune cookies customizable in your wedding colors and with a customizable fortune
There is no end to the different edible favor ideas. Let us know what edible favors you have loved.

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