So much more than pretty paper

The only thing a bride wants more than her wedding to be beautiful is for it to be unique. When it comes to putting pretty things on paper, we’ve got you covered but what you might not know is there are TONS of other ways to getting the word about your wedding out there. Here at Nuptial Necessities, we’ve compiled a list of fun wedding invitations that will help you think outside the paper box.

4. Wood

This trend has been around for the last couple years but has become less expensive by substituting laser engraving for printing. Perfect for a nature inspired or rustic wedding, these postcards can be completely customized in full color on two sides. The also come in several different colors of wood too. The standard size 4 x6 and can be mailed without an envelope and you can also order smaller sized card to include wedding details or for the RSVP. Cost wise, they’re just about $3 each depending on wood choice.

3. Acrylic

These are sure to make a lasting impression. Classy and creative, acrylic invitations can be engraved or screen printed and are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. I have been questioned before about how fragile these cards are but don’t let their delicate look deceive you, acrylic is strong and can be mailed. They can get expensive (some quotes to nearly 20$ an invitation) but the general pricing from our suppliers were about $8 each.

2. Blackboard Response Card

Image from and poorly Photoshopped by me but you get the idea

So while researching items to include in this blog, I kinda came up with an idea. So far we’ve talked about a couple ways to make your invitations unique but how about giving your guests a way to be creative too? Through my product search software, I found some mini chalkboards for about 3.00 each (starting at 100 pieces, 1.98 at 200). How cool would it be to include a a chalkboard and a piece of chalk with your invitations and tell your guests to write their response and take a picture at an interesting place or doing something funny then email in the photo as their RSVP. Then you can use the pictures at the wedding to decorate the walls or use them as place cards! If you don’t want to spend on buying and shipping a small chalkboard just ask you guests to do the same thing but with paper.

1. Plastic Cards

Now I know the word “plastic” doesn’t bring up the image of luxury but plastic cards are incredibly unique and can be the less expensive alternative to acrylic. Plastic cards can be done in white, frosted or clear and are also available in full color. I wish I had a product photo but unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to order these!

So it’s a short list but hey don’t we all like things in list form regardless? If you have any questions about the products shown or you have you own unique idea but aren’t sure how to execute it, feel free to call us at (512) 732 220 or email me at


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