Saving money on invitations

You know what wedding invitations are made of? Paper. But with what some people spend on them sometimes, you would think they’re made out of gold and give you a cupcake after you fill out the RSVP card. We completely understand that invitations are the first look the guests have to the style of your wedding, so if opulence is your thing, by all means make your invitation as luxurious as you want!  But for those who must be a little more budgeted on their inviting, here are some ways to help save.

1. Out with the old, in with the new!

There are a few classic invitation traditions that have fallen by the wayside because of either style or changes in technology. More traditional invite elements such as tissue or having an outer and an inner envelope have been basically phased out. These options no longer come standard with very many invitation companies (save a few books from Carlson Craft) and would have to be requested, thus costing more money. Traditional calligraphy is also an elegant but costly element that is being excluded and instead many brides do digital calligraphy instead. Hand-done calligraphers can cost anywhere from $2-$4 per invitation, while we do in house digital calligraphy for $1 each invite (and that includes the return address on the back flap).

Do you think the tissue is there in case the guest is over come by the beauty of the invitation? Or maybe you know they have chronic sniffles?

2.Size does matter!

Going for a basic rectangular (4×5 or 5×7) shaped invitation will save you! Keeping the shape simple, as opposed to a square or any over-sized envelope, with save you money at the post office. Depending on weight and size, you could be spending over a dollar per invite just to mail them!

Ya, this might cost you a bit.

3. Go by the book!

Custom invitations are the best way for a bride to get EXACTLY what they want, and we do beautiful, inexpensive, custom invitations all the time!  However, for the very budgeted bride, ordering through invitation books like Tatex’s Value with Style or Carlson Craft’s Affordably Inviting  are a great option. They are not only cost-conscious but ecological solutions to invitations as well. My favorite is the Seal N’ Send which is basically a long folded card that has a perforated bottom section to be used as an RSVP postcard. On the other two sections of the card there is a space for the invitation and also an accommodation, reception, or other details information (which ever you prefer). They also come with seals and include return addressing, so all you have to do is fold, stamp, address and send. No envelopes, no stuffing, no hassle. They are incredibly affordable and use less paper! If you’re no 100% happy with the in-book design, you have the option of doing a custom design for just $20.

4. If you choose to go the custom route and you want your invitation to lean heavier on design than color or paper choice, think about your friends who are artistically inclined. If you have something very specific or complicated, design charges can add up. If you have a friend who’s a graphic designer, or a computer savvy artist, see if they’ll be willing to help out!

This totally gets me out of having to get you a gift, right?

5.When it comes to paper you’ll be printing on, there are tons of ways to save. If you don’t have a bunch of information to give to your guests (say you just need the response card, no accommodations or reception card) skip the pocket which start at $1.70 each. Instead of doing a response with an envelope, do a postcard. If you do have information to give, print on both sides of the card. Just do one or maybe two underlays. IF the majority of your guests are a bit more hip to the internet, include the accommodations, receptions, details, attire or whatever on your website and include that! These small changes can really add up!

There’s a card for the reception and accommodations and directions. Also a details card. Oh and also we need a card for attire. And menu. Oh and also a card reminding to them to bring their directions card so they don’t get lost. Oh, ya and a response card.

6. Be careful with online invitation companies! We’ve have numerous brides come in who’ve ordered their invitations from large, internet based stationary companies and have been disappointed with the quality of the product after they received it. Some so much that  scraped it all together and ended up having to pay twice as much to get new ones made. If you do go online make sure you have easy access to representatives from the company so you have someone who can answer questions and help you with any issues. Of course, we would always encourage you to shop locally! Plus, there is the added benefit of one-on-one contact and specialized service from someone you can just run down the street and talk to.

You’d be surprised how the smallest mistake can turn you into this.

Cutting costs can be a hard thing when you’re getting married. You should be able to get what you want no matter your budget. Hopefully these small changes can help you have an inexpensive inviting experience with out cutting into your style.


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