Finding Wedding Inspiration

Remember when you were a little girl and you played with Barbie dolls? Do you remember when you set up a wedding between Barbie and Ken in the backyard of their dream house and Skipper was the maid-of-honor and your Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids were the bridesmaids? Maybe your brother’s GI Joe was the best man or maybe he was actually the groom because you decided  Barbie needed a more manly,  stable husband?

She's been a doctor and a pilot and a princess and a lifeguard and a STARFLEET officer and you think your shiny suit is gonna impress her? Seriously, Ken? Check out the buns on Joe over there!

Well, I don’t. I was probably rolling around in the mud or cutting the hair off my sister’s Barbies or whatever I did, I don’t really know. This is why when people refer to the day “you’ve been planning your entire life”, I get confused and assume they mean the inevitable day that I win the lottery or, at least, the day I graduate college. Have I thought about what my wedding would be like? Of course! Have I decided the colors, location, food, venue, father-daughter-dance song, if I’m gonna smash the cake into my husbands face or not? No! So when brides come in and they have little to no idea what they want for their wedding,  I’m incredibly sympathetic.  So I decided to compile a list of things to help inspire you!

Most people have a "First Dance", but I will have a "First Instance of Spousal Abuse with Confectionaries as a Weapon"

1. The Season

Now just because you’re getting married in the fall doesn’t mean you’re gonna have a Halloween themed wedding where you dress as a The Corpse Bride and register at the Army Navy store  (you know, to stock up for the impending Zombie Apocalypse) but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw from the natural ambiance of the season! One of the biggest jumping off points for planning the theme for wedding is color. Pinks, yellows, and light blues lend themselves most to spring while deep reds, dark purples,  and silvers are crisp and classy for a winter wedding. This is also reinforced by which flowers are in season for you wedding.

We're getting married in July so our theme is "America F$#% Yeah!"

2. Your relationship 

Guess what? You’re relationship it as unique as a snowflake (which I hear is like some kind complicated sky-ice-cube, I don’t know, I live in Texas). Sit down and think of what the themes of your relationship have been. Ask yourself questions like, where did we meet? Where do we both like to go? What kind of movies do we like or music or books? Look around y’alls home too! You’re bound to start seeing a pattern in your relationship that you might not have originally noticed. My friend Allan and his fiance always take hikes together. It wasn’t like they were Sherpas, but they enjoyed hiking around their property because its where they could be alone and spend time together. Its where they were happiest so when deciding a theme for their wedding they went with “Water and Stone”. Water for the creek by the trail they frequented and stone for the same reason. Their colors where dark grey and serene blue with tasteful, well placed rhinestones for shimmery dew.

I'm still think "Lightsaber Blue" and "Sith Red" compliment each other beautifully.

3. Awesome wedding websites

To the internet! Oh so much wonderful goodness on the web. There are literally thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to weddings so where to start can be a bit tricky. allows users to “stumble” across the world wide web to random sites related to their chosen interests. You can choice “weddings” as an interest and find funny, compelling, and beautiful wedding ideas. is also a fantastic website for weddings because it focuses on handmaid and vintage items. If you are so inspired to purchase some of their wedding goods, you’ll have the added bonus of knowing that the items you bought aren’t just unique but possibly one-of-a-kind. works similarly to Stumbleupon and Etsy but you basically build a profile of various interests so you can keep track of what you like. I’m helping my cousin plan her wedding and she introduced me to this website. I “follow” her as she “pins” different wedding details she likes and I have a better understanding of what all she is looking for.

I googled "internet" and "wedding" and this happened.

4. Movies and Books

Movies and books are around for the purpose of whisking you away into wonder, much like many brides’ goals for a wedding. They, in essence, are tools for wonderment and escapism, so when looking for wedding inspiration, why not pick up a Hollywood classic and use it to develop a sense of whimsey in your theme? Are you a Gone With the Wind kind of girl or Casablanca? Or maybe a legendary hard-back to help spark your imagination? I love the 1920s, Great Gatsby theme! Movies are fantastic because they are straightforward visual inspiration produced to provoke you. Books  stir your imagination and allow you to have limitless, original inspiration.

Ok...this might be a stretch.

When it comes down to it, every bride is inspired in a different way. Some might have had their special day planned down to the napkin rings since they were 13, others might not have thought they were going to have to plan a wedding until  they said the words “the thing turned blue”. Either way, your day will be full of beautiful matrimony, no matter what the aesthetic!


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