Awesome Edibles!

A lot of the time when a bride comes into our shop looking for favors, she has almost no idea what she wants.  Many people assume that favors should be lasting gifts that your guests can have to remember your day, like picture frames or custom glassware, or something fun and functional like program fans or koozies.

Something that brides should realize is that favors can be basically anything you want them to be! And some of our favorite favors are the ones you can eat.

Don't you just want to bite it's face off?

The other day a very nice lady named Crystal came into the shop to bring us samples, which happens pretty often. Crystal stood out from the rest because she brought us samples from Cloud 9 Cotton Candy.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of cotton candy because anytime I can consume pure sugar without being looked at funny is a good day in my book but the pink and purple poofs she brought us were DELICIOUS. I might venture to say that it was the best cotton candy I’ve ever had. It was like unicorns were dancing on rainbows in my mouth, I wish I was exaggerating.

And it gets better- Cloud 9 Cotton doesn’t just sell bags of the fluffy stuff but they also cater parties. As it goes with weddings, caterers can be pretty expensive. Through some investigative research (google) and advanced algebraic calculations (price charts) I found that even a dessert bar consisting of 4 different treats for 50 people can cost over $300. Cloud 9, however, can do a party of 50 for only…wait for it…$150.  Oh and it’s unlimited servings of all their 14 flavors. And they have someone to work the machine for you. And did I mention the thing about it being DELICIOUS?

I drooled when I was posting this...

The tasty flavors include Blue Raspberry, Grape, Sour Razzleberry, Banana, Sour Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Pina Colada, Cherry, Strawberry, and  Lime.

These kids are local too, which we love because anytime we can promote and work with another small business makes us feel all warm inside.

Literally eating a rainbow

Other awesome things to mention? They have light up cones too! So fun!They also use an edible glitter for a little extra sparkle. It can be packaged in plastic

bags or plastic containers, depending on the order. As a shameless plug on our own part, our shop can do custom labels for your cotton candy bags or containers if you want…

So if you’re trying to think of something fun to use as a favor, consider this awesome Austin based company and get you cotton candy on!

Cloud 9 Cotton Candy Website

Cloud 9 Cotton Candy Contact


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